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Chapter Three

(Grade Eleven)

By the first semester of my third year, I'd learned a lot about myself. I learned what I like, what I may want to do in the future, and how I might get there.

Mr. Maidenberg, my computers teacher, has helped me learn more about computer programs, and learning HTML was something I didn't not know before, even though I've designed quite a few pages.

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I have found web design to be really fun and I'm glad to learn the actual HTML code.
In my other classes, I have Mr. and Mrs. Strath for Biology and Marketing, respectively.
Mrs. Brown is the coolest English teacher ever! She makes learning Macbeth, fun!

Next semester, I am looking forward to a fresh start in new classes. Even though Mrs. Comerford has left the school, for another school, I am really looking forward to photography. I enjoy photography greatly and I hope to take media arts next year. I will have Mrs. Strath for accounting, and computer programing which I have last period is looking like a nice way to end the school day.